Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ferris Beach by Jill McCorkle

A teenager girl grows up in a small North Carolina town

This novel left me cold and I almost gave up on it. I puzzled as to why. The writing was clean and descriptive and I truly felt the emotions of Kate, the sensitive smart teenage narrator, the overprotected daughter of two middle aged eccentrics. The characters were remarkable – so many of them – each one of them three dimensional. The little Southern town sprang to life. The plot –there wasn’t much of an overarching one, it felt more like that the story was built from small tangents.  I think the reason I grew disinterested is that the main character is super passive. Vaguely Kate wants to go to Ferris Beach to live with her loopy young aunt she half imagines could be her mother. When she finally does go to Ferris Beach, she realizes in about two minutes her aunt is a flake. Also, certain plot twists needed to be established in Chapter One, but I felt that the plot twists in Chapter 12 were set up too late in Chapter 11.

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